On the 8th Of March 1972 My Ex Wife & I headed into York to The University Central Hall To Witness Jethro Tull Perform 'Thick As A Brick'.
Now 35 Years later - My Wife, Brother-in-Law, Sister & Myself Again Headed into York To see 'The Acoustic Jethro Tull'.

Anyone expecting a 'Tull Show' would have been disappointed (apart From Locomotive Breath) - What you got was what it said on the ticket - 'Acoustic Jethro Tull'.
What you got was some Old songs revitalised, Some New instrumentals, Some amazing 'violinistism' from another amazing young violinist lady
No Bleeding & Throbbing Eardrums - A tour programme for the first time in 5 years and some new faces
most importantly you got Ian singing and playing WITHOUT having to strain to outdo the bands Volume which seemed to make him much happier
The tour book - Jethro tull World Tour 2007 Features various musicians and Guests scheduled to play on the tour
I could not help notice the Omission of Andy Giddings & Jonathan Noyce ??

After a slight technical issue the show started with Ian & Martin and 'Some Day The Sun Wont Shine For You'. - The Rest of the Band
then came on - James Duncan (Anderson) on drums/Percussion - David Goodier on Bass Guitars & John O'Hara - Keyboards & assorted squeezy things.
Living In The Past & The Water Carrier were followed by the introduction of Special Guest Anna Phoebe and two numbers from Her solo CD.
Next Jack In The Green and a new instrumental 'The Donkey & The Drum' then a new edit of Thick As A Brick Ian then introduced another new instrumental
followed by I don't want to be a politically correct fat bastard & Bouree brought the interval.

The second set began with 99 Lives - another Anna Phoebe Number then Martin & Ian playing Dun Ringill.
Pastime with Good Company (King Henry's Madrigal) was next . Martin then spoke of his love of Railways and dedicated the solo - 'Empty Cafe'
to all those who Knew Mallard wasn't just a duck. The Orchestral arrangement of 'Aqualung came next then 'America' a rework
of the old 'Nice' arrangement. 'My God was followed by a medley of Beside Myself - Rocks On The Road and a few hints of Budapest.
The band then left the stage to return and perform a more electric version of 'Locomotive Breath'

All in all an excellent evening. I would personally have like to have seen Andy Giddings on Keyboards & Dave Pegg playing Bass but that's just a personal thing
John O'Hara & David Goodier played faultlessly. I have noted over the past few years that at every show Doane's drums have been far too loud in the overall mix
which seemed to cause Ian to strain even more This was not the case here The sound balance was spot on - Both Ian & Martin seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Anna Phoebe - how can she bend so far backwards on 12" heels without falling over ???
seriously - Ian has found 3 strong assets with Lucia Micarelli, Ann-Marie Calhoun & Anna Phoebe as guests - all are brilliant players
each one has a different style of playing but they all fit in so well with the Tull repertoire of music - Plus they are all rather lovely looking ladies
No Sexism intended - Hey - Ugly Old Guys need Visual help !!!

So definitely a Thumbs Up from Me.

Some Day The Sun Wont Shine For You.   Living In The Past.   The Water Carrier.   Gypsy.   Katerina's Theme.   Jack In The Green.
The Donkey And The Drum.   Thick As A Brick (New Edit).   Birnam Wood To Dunsinane.   Fat Man.   Bouree
99 Lives.    Dun Ringill.   Pastime With Good Company.   Empty Cafe.   Aqualung.   America.
My God.   Beside Myself / Rocks On The Road / Budapest Theme medley    Locomotive Breath.

Pete McHugh / Electrocutas.com

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