Jethro Tull Unofficial DVDR


Unofficial DVDR -Live at the Empire Theatre - Sunderland, U.K. 06. 05. 90
The picture & Sound are EX-        Chaptered by track - aprox 118 min
End was not filmed - Cuts short in Too Old To...

Wond'ring Aloud (cuts). Steel Monkey. Thick As A Brick. Living In The Past.
Rock Island. Nellie The Revenge instrumental. Cheap Day Return. Nursie. Mother Goose.
Jack-A-Lynn. Love Story. Serenade To A Cuckoo / Double Violin Concerto excert.
A Christmas Song. Budapest. Strange Avenues. Kissing Willie. Pine Martin's Jig / Drowsy Maggie
Dun Ringill. Jack-In-The-Green. Said She Was A Dancer. My God / flute solo / Bouree.V
Pussy Willow / Pibroch instrumental. Another Christmas Song. Farm On The Freeway.
Too Old To Rock'N'Roll;Too Young To Die(Cuts Short)

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