Jethro Tull Unofficial DVDR

An Acoustic Anthology

unofficial release on DVD-R

The picture & Sound are Excellent - Fully indexed - aprox 97 min - PAL Region 0

Tracks are:-
A. 17.11.87     MTV - USA Tv Kevin Seal Show Intv & Live
Serenade To A Cuckoo. Skating Away.. Approx 05.35 min

B. .....11.95     FRIDAY NIGHT - NBC USA Tv
Boure. Mother Goose. Approx 6.14 min

C. 15.11.95     REGIS & KATHIE LEE SHOW - USA Tv
Bouree / Living In The Past / Thick As A Brick medley & Intv Approx 07.28 min

D. .....12.95     FRIDAY NIGHT - NBC USA Tv
Intv - Rare & Precious Chain Approx 06.00 min

E. 08.11.96     FRIDAY NIGHT - NBC USA Tv
Life's A Long Song / Locomotive Breath / Up The Pool Approx 08.12 min

F. 15.10.99     KELLY SHOW - ULSTER Tv.
Bends Like A Willow (mimed in studio) Approx 04.15 min

G. 23.12.99     2 METER SESSIES RTL Tv
Intv Some Day The Sun Wont Shine For You. Thick As A Brick
Locomotive Breath Secret Language Of Birds. Dot Com. Approx 24.37 min

H. 11.08.01     LIVE AT THE WILDHORSE SALOON - TNN Classic Rock USA Tv
Living In The Past. Locomotive Breath. Aqualung.
Thick As A Brick. Approx 25.04 min

I. 04.01.04     MARIA LA NUOVA - NAPOLI. RIA UNO Italian Tv
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Bouree. Approx 09.45 min

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