Jethro Tull Unofficial DVDR


unofficial DVD-R Live At The Rock & Blues Custom Show - Pentrich, Derbyshire U.K. 02 .08 .97
At around the 24 min mark, The sound system cuts out, This lasted 10 min, (edited to 10 sec on the DVD)
The generator had run out of petrol, This had Ian very upset and contemplating an early end
but the show continued, Ian was very upset at the inept running of the show
remastered from the Original Hi8 mater recording tapes
Shot from well back with a clear view of stage - Rare one off Festival show.
The picture & Sound are Excellent/Very Good - Fully indexed - aprox 80 min

Tracks are:-
A Song For Jeffrey. Aqualung. Thick As A Brick. Dangerous Veils /Power Outage.
Bouree. Songs / Too Old / Heavy Horses medley. Jump Start. We Used To Know.
Flying Dutchman Intro. My God. Nothing Is Easy. Locomotive Breath. Band Intro's.
Aqua-Diddley. Living In The Past. Instrumental Finale. Cheerio.

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