Jethro Tull Unofficial DVDR

Conventional Flautism - UK Conventions 1990 & 1996

unofficial DVD-R Ian at U.K. Conventions in 1990 & 1996 CDLV06.
The picture & Sound are Excellent - Fully indexed - aprox 72 min

Tracks are:-
1990 At The Woughton Centre - Milton Keynes
Mick Abrahams, Clive Bunker & Martin Allcock
Some Day The Sun Wont Shine For You. So Much Trouble. Fat Man.

1996 At The Woodville Halls - Gravesend.
Elegy. - Ian With David Palmer.
Circles - Ian With Solsice Featuring Clive Bunker.
Mother Goose. Up The Pool. Bouree - Ian with Andy Giddings & Jonathan Noyce.
My Sunday Feeling. It's Breaking Me Up. Serenade To A Cuckoo.
A Song For Jeffrey - Ian with Mick Abrahams. Clive Bunker & Mick Summerland.

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