Jethro Tull official DVD RELEASE


official 2xDVD looking at the story of 40 years of Jethro tull - Released 23.06.08
The picture & Sound are Excellent    -    Fully indexed - aprox 208 min
Includes a 20 page booklet looking at Tull's History with Notes by Ian Anderson & Jeffrey Hammond Hammond

Disc 1.   Approx 110 min
Tells (extremely well) the story of the history of Jethro tull from its beginings as the John Evan Band in 1968
Some interesting Interviews with Chris Wright,Terry Ellis,Chris Welch,Robin Black,Ian Anderson,John Evans,Mick Abrahams,
Clive Bunker,Glenn Cornick Martin Barre,Barry Barlow,Dee Palmer,Dave Pegg,Peter Vetesse,Doane Perry,Andy Giddings,
Featuring some clips of rare live concert footage whilst also (sadly) drawing heavily on the 1976 Tampa Bay,
1976 Supersonic Tv,1978 Madison Square and Footage used on slipstream & the Lively Arts Documentary.

Disc 2.   Approx 98 min
"Swing In" - A 1969 documentary by Wim Van der Linden - Rare B&W footage inc Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London.
On Stage - Nothing Is Easy - On The Road - Bouree - Ian Anderson - Sweet Dream - Goodnight (approx 30 min)

Extended Interviews with Ian Anderson, Dee Palmer, Terry Ellis, Glenn Cornick, Mick Abrahams,
Kenny Wylie,John Evans, Chris Wright,Barry Barlow, Clive Bunker & Martin Barre, (Approx 60 min)

Photo Gallery of Memorabilia & The Early Days - Features some excellent Photos (approx 8 min)

If you are a Tull fan, which you must be if reading this, Then this 2 disc set is definitely a worth while purchase
An excellent historical look at 40 Years of Jethro Tull, Covering albums & personnel changes.
My Only criticism is that more Rare footage, which is available, all be it of lower quality was not included on disc 2
It also says on the cover Total running time as 350 min - it is actually 208 min

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