Jethro Tull Unofficial DVDR


Unofficial DVDR -Live at the Sands Centre - Carlisle, U.K. 16. 09.95
The picture & Sound - EX-        Chaptered by track - aprox 145 min

Tracks are:-
'A' medley. Roots To Branches. Rare And Precious Chain. Out Of The Noise. Valley. In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff.
At Last Forever. Dangerous Veils. Beside Myself. Aqua-intro - Bouree/Souree - Aquadiddley
-------Interval -------
Nothing Is Easy. We Used To Know. Nothing To Say. In The Moneylender's Temple. My God. Misere. Fat Man. Budapest.
Like A Tall Thin Girl. Wounded Old and Treacherous. Locomotive Breath. Jump Start. Instrumental Finale. Thick As A Brick reprise.

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