Jethro Tull - official DVD

Item is ayailable in both PAL & NTSC DVD


Chrysalis Official release (15.09.03) DVD re issue of the 25th anniversary video with 1 bonus track
the picture is excellent. - Indexed - aprox 90 min

Tracks are:-
Teacher, The Witch's Promise, The Story Of The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles,
Aqualung, Kissing Willie, Rocks On The road, Living in The Past.

Plus Excerpts from
Living In The Past - Brusseles 1993.      Nothing Is Easy Isle Of Wight 1970
25th Anniversary reunion,     Teacher - French TV 1970,     Witches Promise Top Of The Pops 1970,
The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles 1973,     Minstrel In The Gallery - Paris 1975,     Aqualung - BBC 1977,
Thick As A Brick - Rehearsal 1992,     Thick as A Brick - Madison Square Garden 1978,
Songs From The wood - London 1980,     Too Old To Rock 'N Roll Promo Video 1980,     Kissing Willie - Promo Video 1989,
Rehearsals for 25th Anniversary Tour,     Rocks On The Road - Promo Video 1991     A New Day Yesterday - Brussels 1993

Hidden Bonus Track The Witch's Promise - French TV

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