This section will include Tull compilation LPs, CD's
And also Compilation LP's or CD's featuring a Tull track

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....06.72 LIVING IN THE PAST. CJT1 1st official Tull compilation LP.  Chrysalis records
....01.76 M.U. - THE BEST OF official Tull compilation LP.  Chrysalis records.
....10.77 REPEAT - The Best Of Jethro Tull Vol 2 compilation LP.  Chrysalis records
....10.85 ORIGINAL MASTERS official Tull compilation LP.  Chrysalis records
....07.88 THE 20 YEARS OF TULL BOX SET LP.  Chrysalis records
....08.88 THE 20 YEARS BOX SET SAMPLER.  Chrysalis records
....04.93 THE 25th ANIVERSARY TULL BOX SET .  Chrysalis records
....05.93 THE BEST OF - ANIVERSARY COLLECTION.  Chrysalis records
........93 HEART OF THE LION  IONA Records compilation
........94 THE VERY BEST OF  EMI / Chrysalis France 8301982
........94 CHRYSALIS 25 EDITED HIGHLIGHTS  Chrysalis Compilation
........94 WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS  EMI compilation
........96 EXCERPTS FROM THE RECONSTRUCTION  Chrysalis Promo compilation
....03.97 THROUGH THE YEARS.   EMI Gold Label
....03.97 A JETHRO TULL COLLECTION.   Disky records (Dutch)
14.05.01 JETHRO TULL - THE VERY BEST OF.  Chrysalis records
........02 ALL TIME HITS 1980 - 2002   Music Box records
....03.03 THE ESSENTIAL JETHRO TULL  EMI / Chrysalis
....06.03 CLASSIC MASTERS  Chrysalis / Capitol records

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