Jethro Tull Bootleg Vinyl Albums

Baphomet - IHVH6665282

Tracks are
Wond'ring Aloud. Steel Monkey. Thick As A Brick. Living In The Past. Rock Island.
Nelly, The Revenge. Cheap Day Return. Nursie. Mother Goose. Jack-A-Lynn.
Farm On The Freeway. Serenade To A Cuckoo. Christmas Song. Budapest. Strange Avenues.
Kissing Willie. The Pine Marten's Jig/Drowsy Maggie. Dun Ringill. Jack In The Green.
Said She Was A Dancer. Pussy Willow/Pibroch inst. My God inc Bouree & Bachs Violin excert.
Another Christmas Song. Love Story. Too Old To Rock 'N Roll. Aqualung.
Locomotive Breath. Fylingdale Flyer Cheerio.
Plus :- Hardliner. Serenade To A Cuckoo. Sketing Away...

Live at the Guildhall, Portsmouth Uk. 19.05.90 - (Last 3 tracks are from Radio / Tv performances)
Sound Quality Is Very Good.
Available as 3 x Lps in a box set, Track listing on Centre labels is wrong, - Inset listing correct - Came with Free T shirt.
OR as 3 Music Cassette set in a round tin - Titled From A Deadbeat, To an Old Salmon Can. This version had No T Shirt.