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A Song For Jeffrey.    Beggar's Farm.    A Christmas Song.    A New Day Yesterday.    Bouree.    Noting Is Easy.    Living In The Past.    To Cry You A Song.    Teacher.    Sweet Dream.    Cross Eyed Mary.    Mother Goose.    Aqualung.    Locomotive Breath.    Life Is A Long Song.    Thick As A Brick (extract).    A Passion Play (extract).    Skating Away....   Bungle In The Jungle.

Minstrel In The Gallery.    Too Old To Rock'N Roll.    Songs From The Wood.    Jack In The Green.    The Whistler.    Heavy Horses.    Dun Ringill.    Fylingdale Flyer.    Jack-A-Lynn.    Pussy Willow.    Broadsword.    Under Wraps 2.    Steel Monkey.    Farm On The Freeway.    Jump Start.    Kissing Willie.    This Is Not Love.

Ian Anderson    Mick Abrahams    Glenn Cornick    Clive Bunker    Martin Barre    John Evan
Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond    Barriemore Barlow    John Glasscock    David Palmer
Dave Pegg     Mark Craney     Gerry Conway     Peter Vettese     Doane Perry  &  Andy Giddings.

Yes Yet Another compilation CD OR 2, This time The 25th anniversary
With songs from almost every album and more or less in chronicalogical order.
Vinyl Releases         NONE     KNOWN
Releases On Tape.
24.05.93 U.K. Chrysalis EMI 2 x Cassettes Chrysalis TCCHR 6001
.............. U.K. Chrysalis EMI 2 x Cassettes Re-Issue Chrysalis 3 26001 4
Releases On CD
02.05.93 U.K. Chrysalis EMI 2 x CDs - Discs are Numbered 60011 & 60012 Chrysalis CDCHR 6001
05.10.99 U.K. Chrysalis EMI International Re-Issue - EMI 26001
..........97 Russia. Chrysalis Fake UPC (978659 54485 8) PIRATE COPY Chrys
29.06.93 U.S.A. Chrysalis Chrysalis F2-26015
29.06.93 U.S.A. Chrysalis Pre production Music Industry Promo - Possibly
an early promo of the Anniversery collection (similar track listing)
Or an industry only promo for the 25th Anniversary box set
Chrysalis Music (SC0103).

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